How I Stay Drug Free

In life you are faced with many decisions on a daily basis and want to make good choices about everything – classes, sports, after-school activities, and even drugs. Being addicted to a substance is a powerful force that takes over a person’s life and controls everything the person does. You want to be in control – not drugs or alcohol.

Join Together Northern Nevada invites Washoe County Students to participate in the Prevention Committee’s “How I Stay Drug Free” poster contest. Participants are asked to submit a poster depicting how they live active, healthy lifestyles while resisting peer pressure and staying drug free!

Submit entry by Thursday, October 29th.

One winner will be chosen from the following categories:
K-3rd Grade, 4th – 5th Grade, 6th – 8th Grade, 9th – 12th Grade

Prizes will be awarded by grade level:
K-3rd Grade: a wellness bag with slime kit, puzzle, kinetic sand, coloring journal and water bottle
4th – 5th Grade: a hand-beaded pen and $10 Subway gift card
6th – 8th Grade: two $10 Walmart gift cards
9th – 12th Grade: a $30 Walmart gift card

Download the talent release below!

Talent Release

What we’re looking for:

 Original Creations: art can be inspired but must not be copied.
 Poster dimensions are 11” x17”.
 Any medium can be used (colored pencils, markers, crayons, photos, computer design, etc.)
 Submissions must include the student’s name, grade, and organization/school.
 Each entry with release waiver must be submitted no later than Thursday, October 29th by mail or in person to JTNN at 505 S. Arlington Ave. Suite 110, Reno, NV 89509. Entries can be submitted electronically to
 Winners will be contacted November 12th


If you have any questions please contact Britany Wiele at or 775-324-7557